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Conversational, provocative, lighthearted. The Puddlebird Podcast is a place for exploring the kinds of topics we all think about, but don't always talk about.  This bi-weekly broadcast features Brad and Sean, two (obvious) non-experts who bring curiosity, honesty and levity to the table as they explore a variety of thought-provoking issues, ranging from religion and ethics to politics and entertainment. 

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Oct 5, 2017

Sean wonders if the news is bumming us out on purpose, while Brad argues that anything can be funny if you try hard enough.

On today’s episode, the guys discuss The News and Being Offended... while drinking beer from New Belgium Brewing.

Where do you land on these topics? Do you agree or disagree with our perspectives, and is there a subject you’d like us to explore?

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The News and the Fear Narrative - 4:30


Objectively Offensive - 27:55


RWLP – 58:16